Reading books has these benefits too!

Often in essays it’s mentioned that reading books help in mental stimulation, stress reduction, knowledge and vocabulary expansion, memory improvement, focusing and concentrating. Apart from them they help in improving writing skills also. Reading helps to recognize different patterns that occur in writing. A study of one hour per day in any chosen field will make you an international expert in seven years.

It has health benefits too! Books help us be calm, reducing blood-pressure. In today’s hurry-burry work-life reading a book at the end of the day helps one feel good, no matter what book he/she chooses. A study has shown that people who read are two and half times less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Reading gives brain a workout and keeps the brain young. If one starts reading during a workout, a suck-you-in plot may keep you on the exercise machine for a long time to finish a captivating chapter which makes him/her healthy and fit. Doctors suggest using machine’s book ledge to avoid neck/shoulder pain.

Reading offers Brazilian prisoners to shorten their sentences along with cycling. By “Redemption through learning”, four days will be cut for every book they read, trimming 48 days off their sentence a year. They are asked to write in paragraphs without flaws to succeed in this. A person can leave prison more enlightened and with an enlarged vision of the world. Without doubt they will leave a better person.

New York University researchers say, stories provide life-changing perspective. Getting wrapped up in the lives of characters strengthens one’s ability to understand others’ feelings. A study done has concluded that access to fictional story lines opens you up to new emotions and feelings. It also helps you to understand people. Books are the cheapest mean of entertainment and yes! your neighbors would never complain that your book is too loud.

Addiction to reading books has a disease too. Abibliophobia is known as the fear of running out of reading material. An author Rita suffers from such abibliophobia that she almost lives in the library. She had begun writing novels as a result of suffering from acute abibliophobia.

After you enter the reading world there is no wonder if you read books that help you relieve from abibliophobia! People in Iceland read more books per capita than in any other country. Now make your country win!!

dino 3Reading books has these benefits too


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